serves: 2


7tbsp solid oil, 5tbsp confectioner's sugar, 1/2 cup of milk, 2/5 cup of flour, 3 eggs yolk, 1 albumen, 2 table spoons baking powder- 1/2 table spoons vanilla powder  - 1/2 cup BADR cherry jam- smashed walnuts.


1) Continuously beat the albumen with salt till it gets puffy enough

2) Mix and beat the oil with confectioner's sugar in other pots constantly and then add the egg yolk and blended albumen, it should be still loose and runny

3)  Rub the oil on a pan and pour the batter on it, dress the top with mashed walnuts and a bit of cherry jam and put it in an oven for approx 30 minutes to bake.   

Enjoy it !