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Spanish Pickled

The first pickle with special sauce

A new product that, by reducing the amount of acidity and salinity and designing a special and delicious sauce without fat and preservatives, in addition to the health effects, is the architect of your food table.

Olives pickle (Super Special)

Mediterranean Taste

In general, those who follow a Mediterranean diet rich in olives are less likely to develop cardiovascular inflammation. High blood cholesterol and high blood pressure are both risk factors for heart disease. Due to its high levels of oleic acid, olives do not damage the arteries and lead to lower blood pressure and better control of blood cholesterol.

Cucumber Pickled (Super Special)

Crispy & Low calory

Salted cucumber is an extremely healthy and nutritious food that, in addition to being low in calories, is rich in nutrients and is also an excellent food source for beneficial bacteria in the stomach, which is known as a prebiotic food.

Litteh Pickled

Traditional Taste

The composition of these useful vegetables, in addition to having a variety of minerals, is due to the mild pickles and dietary fiber suitable for vegetarian diets.

Strawberry Jam

Full of Fruit

Strawberry jam is one of the most delicious and popular jams around the world, which like other jams is usually served as breakfast. The secret of the deliciousness of this jam is the use of local strawberries, which in addition to better flavor, are also more colorful.

Halo beans Canned

Exciting Taste

Beans are one of the richest plant sources of protein and a cost-effective alternative to animal protein. The combination of bean flavor and mild spicy halopino pepper has created a unique feeling in this product.

Lime Juice

Miracle of health

Fresh lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, calcium, folate, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, and therefore can reduce heart disease, reduce inflammatory problems, lower blood sugar, lose weight and eliminate Infection of the body plays a significant role. Iranian families use lemon juice in the preparation of beverages, food and salads.