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Badr Food Industries Company in the field of production, distribution and sale of pickles, salted productions, cucumbers in brine, olives, jams, non-meat canned food, syrups, lime juice and unripe grape juice using modern and advanced machinery and equipment, equipped and up-to-date packaging system and also by hiring experienced staff with strong experience and knowledge-based management team has been able to make a significant contribution to food exports to different Asian and European countries.


The use of quality raw materials and the organization's skill in producing quality products has always established us as a leading organization in the country's food industry. Badr food industry to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement of product quality and health by implementing a comprehensive system of strategic management and comprehensive mechanization in the organization, establishing a 5s and executive system based on teamwork in the production sector, establishing a system of identifying, evaluating and selecting suppliers in the commercial sector has always made efforts in the field of providing and implementing methods for monitoring and measuring standards and identifying and tracking products and stabilizing health in the field of quality control.

Global brand

Entering international markets in the form of a brand for production units whose main goal is the end consumer is very hard work and requires precise expertise. Obtaining the necessary and common licenses in each country, designing and packaging and recognizing the customer's taste and brand development are the requirements to enter these markets. Badr Food Industries, believing in the special and high potential of Iran in the agricultural sector, is continuously developing the export of food conversion products.

New Zealand
As you know, not all countries in the world have the necessary and suitable climatic conditions for growing all kinds of agricultural and food products, and this has led to the import of these products. Badr food industry, with the diversity of agricultural conversion products, in addition to meeting the needs of its community, can export its surplus to other countries. Now, if you are also an activist of this business, please fill in your information in the form below.

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