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Green bean stew


  • Chopped green beans : 500 g

  • Mutton : 200 g

  • Potatoes : 2 small pcs

  • Onions : 1 medium

  • Turmeric, pepper, and salt : as needed

  • Tomato paste : two tablespoons full

  • Omani lemon : one or two

  • Badr lemon juice : optional

  • Thyme and Cinnamon : Optional

First, fry the onions in oil until it is slightly golden and then add the meat and fry with the onion. Then add pepper and turmeric and fry again a little. (salt is added after cooking is complete). After frying the meat, add water to it and give the meat time to cook. Pour the Amani lemon at this stage. About half an hour later (when the meat is half cooked), add the green beans. Half an hour later, chop the potatoes as much as you want and add. Then fry the paste separately in oil (for 5 minutes) and add it to the food and let the food settle completely and drop the oil. To make the food taste good, you can add a spoonful of lemon juice and a little thyme and cinnamon when frying the paste. This will make your sauce very tasty.

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