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Bean and pickles salad


  • Potatoes : 4 pcs medium

  • Cooked pinto beans : 1 cup

  • Badr cucumbers in brine 620 gr : 8 pcs

  • Small carrots : 2 pcs

  • Dried dill : 2 tabebspoon

  • Lettuce : 12 leaves

  • Mayonnaise : 2 tablespoons

  • Yogurt : 3 tablespoons

  • Salt and black pepper : as needed

  • Fresh sour lemon juice : 1 tablespoon

First, boil the potatoes for 45 minutes and after peeling, cut them into cubes. Then add yogurt in a suitable bowl and mix with a fork until the yogurt texture is smooth and homogenized. Then add mayonnaise to the yogurt and stir again with a fork to combine the ingredients. At this stage, we chop the pickles into small pieces. Now we wash the carrot and peel it and grate it with finely grated ribs, then we separate the lettuce leaves and wash it and put it in the drain to remove the excess water. Now chop the lettuce and pour it into a serving dish.
Next, pour the cooked beans into the strainer and let the excess water to drain out and cool completely. Then add pickles and chopped potatoes to the lettuce, then pour the pinto beans on them. Now add the grated carrots to the salad mixture, then add the fresh sour lemon juice with salt and black pepper to the yogurt and sauce mixture and mix well. Then pour the sauce over the salad. Finally, add the dill to the pinto bean salad and mix the salad well so that the sauce absorbs the ingredients. Finally, put the bean salad in the refrigerator for 1 hour to fit, then serve.

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